Summer Mosquito Control Protection Package

We have a two application mosquito control and protection package:


The Mosquito Guy is happy to offer a two application mosquito package to customers looking for summer-long mosquito control and mosquito protection.   Each application lasts approximately 30 days, for a total of two months of protection. While controlling the mosquito populations vary from year to year, due to weather and other environmental factors, most customers find that the two application package offers enough protection for the whole summer.  However, if you do feel like you would like additional applications beyond the two, we offer third and fourth applications for 60% off the two application package price. 

Additional Insect Spraying Services

We often spray for additional pests at the same time we spray customers for mosquitos for a slight additional cost, including:

If you're having an issue with any other bugs, but you don't see them listed above, please click or call our office at 262-521-1258 and ask if we can help!


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Two-Application Mosquito Control Package.

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